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Почему кататься на скутере по Праге - фантастическое занятие?
Туры от 3 часов до 3 дней.

Полудневные, однодневные и многодневные туры по Праге и Чехии.

Путешествие с гидом или аудиогидом.

Возьмите живого гида для путешествий или исследуйте Чешскую Республику самостоятельно с помощью нашего аудиогида.

10 + языков аудиогида.

Более 10 разновидностей языков. Выберите тот, который подходит именно вам.

Прокат скутеров.

Мы будем рады предложить вам классические модели старой школы или в современном дизайне с 3 колесами.

Туры на полдня

Дневные / Многодневные туры

Just Scoo Туры: городские скутерные туры

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We offer you to see secret places which are known only by native citizens.

We'll show you Prague from the other way than traditional historical excursion.

Our tourists want to have more than traditional walk, they are modern, creative and mobile.

That's why we promise you'll spend cool time!

Rieger Gardens. This park, over a century old, shelters intimate nooks and places with wooded areas, open grassy areas and unusual vistas of the city.

Antonín Dvořák Museum.
Antonín Dvořák was a Czech composer, one of the first who achieved worldwide recognition. We’ll visit his villa “America” at the Baroque style since 1932 year building, which is a museum now. The house, is surrounded by a beautiful garden featuring statues.

We’ll enjoy the Vysehrad with his amazing views of the city and the Vltava river. Also we’ll see the Basilica of St. Peter and St. Paul which was founded in 1070-1080 by the Czech King Vratislav II.

The Faust’s House in Prague. We'll see the House which is famous for the legend with the Doctor Faust and the Devil and with a lot of other mystic stories.

Lennon Wall.
The John Lennon Wall in Prague has been filled with John Lennon-inspired graffiti and pieces of lyrics from Beatles' songs since the 1980s. Next to the John Lennon’s wall is another famous and no less interesting attraction — the Chertovka river with an old water mill wheel.

Hanavsky pavilion and the Letná gardens city view. The Letná gardens is one of the most beautiful panoramic view of the Prague and all bridges. Also on that height there situated the Hanavsky pavilion which is one of the most impressive Art Nouveau structures in the city.

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